E-Courts Skills Development in India

Skill Development in India is one area that is in need everywhere. Whether it is Lawyers, Judges, Police Officers, Parliament of India, Bureaucrats, etc all of them need Skill Development Training at one stage or other. However, with the busy schedule and limited reach of Skill Development Initiatives in India, Online Skill Development in India is emerging as a viable solution.

Both Legal and Judicial System of India must be well versed with the Technology Laws of India. One such Technology Law of India is Cyber Law of India. Naturally, Cyber Law Skill Development in India is fast emerging as a preferable choice among the Lawyers and Judges of India.

Another pressing requirement for the Judicial System of India is the establishment of E-Courts in India. Till the end of April 2011, we are still waiting for the establishment of First E-Courts of India. The E-Court Project of India has not been able to materialise in India so far. A major reason for the failure of E-Courts Project of India is that India lacks Techno Legal Expertise and Skills to implement this ambitious project.

For instance, we have a Single Exclusive E-Courts Training and Consultancy Centre in India. The same is managed by Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB), the leading Techno Legal Segment of Exclusive Techno Legal ICT Law Firm of India Perry4Law.

PTLB is also managing the Exclusive Techno Legal Skill Development Platform of India that provides Techno Legal Trainings and Skill Development in various fields. PTLB is also providing E-Courts Skill Development in India so that E-Courts can be managed in a proper and timely manner.

For all those who wish to have partnership or collaboration with PTLB, they can contact us with their detailed proposals covering the terms and conditions in details.