Online Computer Forensics Training Center In India

Computer forensics is a very crucial field these days. With cyber crimes and cyber attacks at rise, need for good and trained computer forensics professionals is very clear. Computer forensics is both preventive and curative in nature. Computer forensics is also very helpful in fighting cyber crimes and ensuring network security in India.

A majority of cyber crimes and cyber attacks can be prevented if we use proper, timely and adequate computer forensics practices. Computer forensics is also an important part of aggressive defence in cyberspace against cyber crimes and cyber attacks. A proactive self defence in cyberspace in India is not possible till we have strong computer forensics capabilities.

India is caught on the wrong foot of cyber anarchy. With a weak cyber law, inadequate cyber security expertise and almost missing cyber forensics capabilities, the things are not moving in the right direction for India. In fact, open letters have been sent in this regard to the government of India but the position remains the same.

Cyber attacks are affecting the critical infrastructure of India. Even the cyber crimes are increasing in India unchecked and at an alarming rate. In the absence of adequate qualified cyber forensics professionals, the backlog of cyber forensics assignments is increasing fast. This is also resulting in almost no conviction rate of cyber criminals in India.

At Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) we have been working to develop computer forensics research, education and training capabilities of Indian and world wide stakeholders.

PTLB is also managing the exclusive techno legal cyber forensics repository in India. This cyber forensics repository carries the best available open source cyber forensics tools and software that can acquire accurate, reliable, valuable and admissible digital evidence.

A computer forensics toolkit by PTLB has also been developed for the law enforcement agencies of India. The toolkit carries small, effective and open source tools and software that can help the law enforcement agencies of India to do basic level computer forensics tasks.

For those interested in online computer forensics courses, education and training in India and abroad, they can avail our courses and trainings at the PTLB e-learning website. All the requirements and formalities have been prescribed at that platform. This is the exclusive techno legal online computer forensics training centre of India and world wide and any person residing in any part of the world can enroll for its courses, education and trainings. We hope various stakeholders would find the computer forensics courses, education and trainings of PTLB useful and effective.