Continuing Professional Legal Education In India

CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL LEGAL EDUCATION CLE IN INDIALegal education in India is undergoing a transformation. Legal educational and training institutions have realised the importance of practical trainings and professional courses. Even technology has been used in India to provide online legal education and trainings.However, the growth of legal education is not as per the desired standards and goals. One of the areas that has been neglected in India for long pertains to continuing legal education (CLE). Continuing legal education in India is need of the hour and is urgently required.

Further, the legal and judicial fraternity of India needs scientific knowledge. The Indian legal and judicial systems must be well aware of both technological as well as legal aspects. Essentially it means the legal and judicial systems of India must be techno legal in nature.

For instance we must have techno legal lifelong learning in India, techno legal skills development in India, techno legal e-learning in India, etc. At Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) we are managing the exclusive techno legal institute for legal lifelong learning in India and techno legal continuing legal education institute of India.

PTLB is also the exclusive techno legal training provider in India that is providing professional online lawyers’ trainings in India and Asia. PTLB is also one of the best legal trainings providers in India and Asia.

Legal educational and teaching institutions in India must change the manner of their education imparting. It is high time to make a shift from mere academic degrees to professional and practical educations and trainings. If India wishes to convert its educated masses into skills and employable workforce this change has to be adopted as soon as possible.