India-US Strategic Dialogue For Trade And Economic Development

India and United States are going to discuss trade and economic cooperation and development relates issues in New Delhi very soon. This is a significant event as it would covers areas of great importance to both the countries.

Issues like cooperation on counter terrorism, improving homeland security of both countries, the contentious Part 810 authorisation, technology transfer issues, civil aviation and cyber security, etc would be discussed.

Cooperation on the economy, defense, environment, trade and other issues are also expected to be discussed. In march this year senior officials from both the countries have already shared existing threat assessments and reviewed ongoing cooperation in combating terror including intelligence sharing and capacity building.

The present dialogue is a continuation of these collaborative efforts between India and US. India is also engaging in trade and economic development cooperation with other countries as well.

For instance, European Union and India are planning to engage in foreign trade agreement that would cover many crucial issues like intellectual property rights (IPRs), technology transfers, barrier free market access, etc.

We would update on these agreements the moment they are finalised.