Online Brand Protection Law Firms In India

Brands and Trademarks are playing a major role in commercial activities world over. Big organisations are fighting legal battles to protect and enforce their brands and Trademarks. For instance, Financial Times and Times of India have been fighting a Trademark battle in Supreme Court of India. Similarly, USPTO granted Apple Trademarks for its retail outlets designs and layout.  
Novel and unexplored avenues like new GTLDs by ICANN would further raise Trademark and brand disputes in future. Legal issues of new GTLDs applications and registrations are well known. The objection and dispute resolution for ICANN’s new GTLDs registrationsis the recognition of possible legal disputes in this regard. Thus, Trademark and brand protection under new GTLDs registration by ICANNmust be suitably planned.

More and more individuals and companies are interested in brand protection and management in India. This is evident from the increased numbers of Trademark registrations in India. The Trademarks registration procedure in India is well established and there are many good Trademark IP law firms and lawyers in India.

Even many companies and firms are offering brand protection and enforcement services in India. However, some of these companies are engaging in illegal and unethical activities while protecting brands of others. This can cause trouble for both these company ies and their clients. The truth is that online brand and reputation protection got nasty and law enforcement agencies must take notice of these illegal activities.

At Perry4Lawand Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB) we believe that online brand and trademark protection in India must be done in a techno legal manner. Companies and firms engaging in illegal and unethical methods must stop using the same immediately as they may bring short term benefits but would be detrimental in the long run.

If you are interested in techno legal online and trademark protection in India, you may contact us in this regard for your professional needs.