Proposed US Legislation Would Target Companies Using Stolen Intellectual Property Of US

United States lawmakers are formulating a legislation that would create new punishments for companies from China and elsewhere that use trade secrets stolen by crackers and cyber criminals. The bill in this regard would likely include visa restrictions for entities using cracked and stolen intellectual property.
The idea is to make cracking activities for stealing US intellectual property and trade secrets punishable in a more stringent manner. US intend to make the deterrent consequences of online stealing of its IP more significant than the gains.
It would mean people could not travel to industry conferences or conduct research collaborations and for universities it could mean its students might have difficulties studying in the US.
In another related development, the new funding law signed this week by President Barack Obama contained an amendment which limits the purchase of China-made electronic products by a small group of government departments and agencies. The amendment says that the agencies must consult with law enforcement before purchasing equipment made by companies “owned, directed or subsidised” by China.