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Digital Locker Tied Up With Aadhaar Is Illegal And Would Not Serve Digital India: Praveen Dalal

Praveen Dalal-Managing Partner Of Perry4Law And CEO Of PTLBThe digital locker project of Indian government has been launched with much fanfare. However, on a closer look it is apparent that digital locker tied up with Aadhaar is illegal and would not serve digital India project.

According to Praveen Dalal, digital locker is a legal project based upon illegal technology named Aadhaar. It was a real bad idea on the part of Indian government to rely exclusively upon Aadhaar to make digital locker facility operational.

The moment digital locker is made dependent upon Aadhaar; it becomes a “controversial and unconstitutional” project. This is more so when Aadhaar is the sole criteria to avail the service that is also in violation of the Supreme Court’s directions (PDF), opines Dalal.

Supreme Court of India must declare Aadhaar and projects based upon aadhaar illegal and unconstitutional. The truth is that Aadhaar project in its present form has no welfare element but is purely an e-surveillance project that needs to be declared unconstitutional immediately.