Kim Dotcom Allowed To See All Evidence Seized By Police By The New Zealand Court

Kim Dotcom Allowed To See All Evidence Seized By Police By The New Zealand CourtRecently a New Zealand Court asked the New Zealand law enforcement agencies investigating a case against Kim Dotcom to return back all the digital information that has been illegally obtained from him. The investigating authority committed the blunder of seizing each and every digital information and sending the copies of the same to U.S. law enforcement agencies.

Kim is presently facing an extradition case in New Zealand and this act of law enforcement agency is going to help him to defer the same. As was expected, the defense lawyers of Kim took the plea that lack of access to the seized evidence put them at a disadvantage in defending their clients.

Naturally, the court has to grant access to such evidence to Kim’s lawyers otherwise the case could not proceed further. The Court granted Kim/Lawyers access to all evidence seized by police in a 2012 raid. This would further delay the proceeding in this case.

The court also observed that police must provide copies of evidence considered relevant to the US investigation and any evidence seized in the raid, including computers, hard drives, files, and other materials deemed irrelevant must be returned to Kim.

Offended by the seizure and confiscation of the Megaupload website by U.S. government, Kim has even accused companies including Google, Facebook, and Twitter of infringing his intellectual property rights.

Kim says that initially he did not prefer to sue these companies as he believes in sharing knowledge and ideas for the good of society. But now he may sue these companies as the bitter experience of seizure/confiscation of his website by U.S. government is still fresh in his memories.

An extradition hearing of Kim is scheduled for August, but the same may be delayed due to separate cases linked to another court ruling that unlawful warrants were used in the police raid.