E-Retailing Companies Hit Hard By Recent Review Of FDI Policy For E-Commerce In India

E-Commerce Laws

Indian government has recently published a Review of FDI Policy 2018 (Pdf) that has changed the way market place based e-retailing would conduct their businesses in India. It has brought some very significant and far reaching techno legal consequences that are not easy to understand and comprehend at this stage opines Praveen Dalal.

Simply said, Amazon, Walmart, etc cannot sell products or services supplied by affiliated companies on their websites and they cannot offer their customers special discounts or exclusive products. FDI in inventory based model is not allowed now and business to customer (B2C) dealings have also been prohibited in India. Anti competition norms have also been introduced for e-retailing companies operating in India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi initially encouraged foreign companies to invest more in India after his 2014 election victory. However, bad policy decisions like Aadhaar, Demonetisation, etc have totally shattered Indian economy. Even startups, fintech and these e-retailing companies supported these draconian policy decisions without realising that they are violating civil liberties of Indians.

Now they cannot complain as they themselves have brought this situation upon themselves. If they do not care about privacy and security of their customers, why the customers should care about them?

We at Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) have anticipated this scenario. That is why we created a “No Aadhaar Zone” with “No Aadhaar Policy” that respects civil liberties and security of Indians. We invited all stakeholders to use our No Aadhaar Zone so that they may not face any unpleasant surprises.

Even now we at PTLB would be happy to help all national and international stakeholders if they respect civil liberties, privacy, data protection and cyber security of Indians. We have launched an online platform that is helping e-retailing stakeholders to establish their businesses in India. Further, we have also launched a professional service for national and international stakeholders, including e-retailers, where they can resolve their disputes using our online dispute resolution (ODR) services.

All the stakeholders need to do is to use the ODR Clause of PTLB so that in case of any present or future disputes, we can help them in resolving the same in a timely and cost effective manner.