Online Pharmacies In India: Legal Requirements

Online Pharmacies In India Legal RequirementsPharmacies across the Indian are regulated by various laws prescribed by India in this regard. When websites are used to expand the pharmacy business and activities, certain additional laws and regulations are required to be complied with by such online pharmacies.

The pharmaceuticals e-commerce legal issues in India are now well established. Even the Ayurvedic e-commerce legal issues in India are evolving. However, despite this fact, the illegal and unregulated online sale of prescribed medicines in India is on rise. Now even the Ayurveda websites have joined this race and they are offering their products in active violation of various Indian laws.

Though healthcare is a very lucrative field in India yet it is also very vast in nature. The legal formalities required to provide online health related services are too vast and complicated to be easily understood. As a result, the healthcare industry of India is violating the laws of India while providing respective services.

We have different set of rules and laws for m-health, e-health, telemedicine, online pharmacies, online sale of prescribed drugs and medicines, e-ayurveda, etc. The digital communication channels for drugs and healthcare products in India must also be in strict conformity with Indian laws.

Even the website companies that are designing, uploading and managing these websites are vulnerable to many legal risks. The legal issues of e-commerce in India are also required to be complied with online pharmacies entrepreneurs in India. In fact, the online pharmacies websites of India are already under regulatory scanner of Indian government.

Online pharmacies websites are Internet intermediaries within the meaning of Information Technology Act, 2000 and they are also required to comply with cyber law due diligence requirements (PDF) in India.

E-commerce websites in India are required to comply with many legal requirements in India. These legal requirements are also required to be complied with by online pharmacies websites operating in India.  This must be done in a voluntary manner and before any law enforcement agency starts prosecuting such online pharmacy websites in India.