National Cyber Security Strategy 2020 Of India Must Be Techno Legal

Cyber Security Strategy 2020

Cyber law and cyber security fields need continuous updation and upgradation. They are not one time solutions and they need to accommodate contemporary threats from cyber crimes and cyber attacks. India has enacted both Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act 2000) and the Cyber Security Policy. However, both of them have fallen well short of the desired policies and initiatives.

What is good is that Indian government is well receptive to the inputs from industry and various stakeholders. It has been amending the IT Act 2000 from time to time using guidelines and rules. That is something that we do not endorse as using delegated legislations or piecemeal approach to a matter that requires holistic and comprehensive approach is not good. Nevertheless, India may soon enact dedicated legislations for cyber crimes, e-commerce, cyber security, privacy and data protection.

What has emerged from various media reports is that India is considering formulation of the Cyber Security Strategy 2020. As in the past we are reiterating that such a policy must be techno legal in nature. It must amalgamate both technological and legal aspects to be most effective. We cannot add too much technology to it and at the same time we cannot force too much regulations too.

What is required is an optimum combination of technology and law and we at Perry4Law Organistation (P4LO) have been dealing in the same for more than 17 years. We have also launched a LegalTech and TechLaw portal named TeleLaw Project that is now helping global stakeholders in techno legal fields. The TeleLaw Project would be happy to engage with Indian government for various techno legal requirements, including the proposed Cyber Security Strategy 2020.

We at P4LO welcome this step of Indian government and irrespective of whether we are part of this process or not, we would always help India in this regard in one form or another.

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