School Children In India Must Be Suitably Educated About Cyber Issues

School Children In India Must Be Suitably Educated About Cyber IssuesProtecting children in cyberspace is a collective responsibility of all stakeholders, including Indian government. At a time when Indian government is adopting Digital India project, our society at large is required to take care of our children while they use Internet and information and communication technology (ICT).

There is no second opinion that children dealing with cyberspace require special attention and safeguards. Indian government and various stakeholders are required to adopt and use both legal and technical measures to safeguard interests of children. On the legal side we must have strong cyber law to punish the offender. On the technical side we must have effective technology, including hardware and software, which can prevent potential abuse of children in cyberspace.

While dealing with cyberspace, children may be either perpetrator or victim of cyber crimes, cyber bullying, pornography, etc. They must be made suitably aware as well as protected from these cyber threats. After all, human rights protection in cyberspace also includes protection of children’s human rights.

Child pornography is an area that requires special attention of Indian government. As per the cyber law trends of India 2013 (PDF) by Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB), child pornography in India is becoming a big nuisance. An Advisory (PDF) by Home Ministry of India on Preventing and Combating Cyber Crime against Children in India has also been issued. Recently Interpol helped India in tracking child porn surfers. We also need such Techno Legal Framework so that child pornography can be curbed to the maximum possible extent in India.

Cyber law and cyber security awareness must also be made available to children at the school level itself. Schoolchildren must be made aware about the provisions of Information technology Act, 2000 (IT Act 20000 and other laws of India so that they are well aware of the consequences of their acts or omissions in the cyberspace. Similarly, cyber security related aspects must also be taught to them to keep their cyberspace behaviour and activities cyber safe.

At PTLB Virtual Campus we believe that online skills development and education initiatives can play a significant role in educating our young generation. Virtual campus and e-learning platforms can provide “learn as you wish models” to school students that they can access from both school and their homes.

PTLB’s Online Skills Development and Training Platform has dedicated separate skills development, education and training courses for school students in the fields like cyber law, cyber security, etc. More details and the enrollment procedure would be announced by us very soon. Till then please visit the website and its segments on a regular basis.

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