Cyber Security Trends And Developments In India 2013

Cyber Security Trends And Developments In India 2013The Cyber Law Trends and Developments of India 2013 (PDF) has already been covered by Perry4Law and Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB). In this research work we are covering the Cyber Security Trends and Developments in India 2013 (PDF).

Some of the significant trends and development in this field in 2013 that have been discussed in this research report include national cyber security policy of India, national security policy of India, national telecom security policy of India, imported software and telecom equipments security, cyber security of e-governance, e-mail policy of India, cyber security of private banks in India, mobile payment cyber security in India, cyber security capabilities of India, cyber security legal practice in India, cyber security awareness in India and cyber security disclosure norms in India.

It is a techno legal cyber security trend and development analysis by Perry4Law and PTLB and we hope that our viewers and readers would find it worth reading.

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