Cyber Security Legal Practice In India Still Maturing

Cyber Security Legal Practice In India Still MaturingThe cyber security scenario is fast changing world over. New rights and obligations have been created due to use and misuse of information technology. As a result areas like cyber law, cyber security, cyber forensics, etc have also started taking a shape.

These areas are now merging with legal fields and giving rise to techno legal issues. However, there is a big gap and void in the legal field. There are very few cyber security lawyers and law firms’ world over though the cyber security legal practice is emerging world over.

Perry4Law is one of the few cyber security law firms of India and world that has been providing techno legal cyber security services for long. The cyber security legal practice of Perry4Law extends to both Indian jurisdiction as well as other foreign jurisdictions.

We have also outlined few cyber security best practice for India that have addressed issues like critical infrastructure protection, offensive and defensive cyber security capabilities, cyber security skills development, cyber security policy and strategy, etc.

Unfortunately, the recently declared cyber security policy of India has failed on numerous counts and cyber security legal issues are one such area. Further, the cyber security policy of India has also failed to protect the privacy rights of Indian netizens.

The legal environment for cyber security is also missing and the sole cyber law of India so badly drafted that it deserved to be repealed. Government departments in India are also slow in adopting cyber security best practices in their day to day affairs.

We have to spread cyber security awareness in India and while doping so we must incorporate the legal aspects of the same as well. People must be more pro active and willing to report cyber crimes and cyber security related offences. Presently a majority of cyber security offences in India are not reported at all. This attitude has to be changed as stakes are very high and a continued apathy would only make the things worst.

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