Cyber Security Of India Must Be Improved

Cyber Security Of India Must Be ImprovedIndia has been strengthening its cyber security infrastructure. In order to achieve this cyber security policy of India was cleared by the cabinet committee of security (CCS). A cyber command for armed forces of India is also in pipeline.

This cyber command could help India in obtaining both offensive and defensive cyber security capabilities. Similarly, the critical infrastructure protection in India may also be in focus. Issues like cyber warfare, cyber terrorism, cyber espionage, etc may also be taken care of.

All these issues are well known and so are the cyber threats originating out of these aspects. However, there are many issues that require special attention of Indian government. Internet is full of unprotected and unsafe devices, SCADA systems and computers and these include Indian computers and devices as well.

Botnets are becoming the biggest nuisance these days. Cyber criminals are using dynamic DNS, fast flux, bullet proof servers and botnet for various nefarious activities. Recently a global cyber espionage operation named Safenet was discovered by researchers. Previously it was found that command and control servers for FinFisher were found in 36 countries including India. Even the purported incoming fax messages are malware infected.

Critical infrastructure protection in India is another big challenge that must be addressed by Indian government. Cyber attacks sponsored by nations are another crucial area that must be taken care of by India.  Malware like Stuxnet, Duqu, Flame, etc are claimed to be made by nations as tools to launch stealth cyber attacks against other nations.

India has been investigating some high profile cyber attacks and cyber crimes. These include investigation of Duqu malware, international ATM heist case, CBI website defacement case, CUPPS infection case, etc.

The cyber crimes and cyber attacks trends by Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB) have shown that these incidences would further increase and India must be well prepared to deal with the same. We hope for the best in this regard.

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