Android Is Facing Serious Malware Issues

Android Is Facing Serious Malware IssuesMobile security has become a big challenge these days. With predominant reliance upon mobile platforms and infrastructures to deliver public services and engage in financial and personal matters, mobile security must be taken with utmost seriousness.

However, mobile security is not taken very seriously especially the security of operating systems that are used by smart phones. Android is world’s most popular smartphone operating system. It has serious malware issues as well and they are going to be more complicated and worst in the near future.

Mobiles are used for banking and financial purposes as well. They store sensitive bank details including password for Internet banking and mobile banking. The mobile banking security is compromised if the mobile is compromised. The reserve Bank of India has already warned Indian banks for their poor cyber security practices.

Now it has been reported that SMS trojans, which steal money by sending unauthorised texts to premium rate numbers, are the most common malware in circulation and it accounts for 63% of total infections. Mobiles are also infected by sending malicious links and making the mobile user to click the same through social engineering tactics.

A new piece of Android malware has been discovered that can intercept your incoming text messages and forward them on to criminals. Once installed, the trojan can be used to steal sensitive messages for blackmailing purposes or more directly, codes which are used to confirm online banking transactions.

The malware is loaded at startup and it will then connect to a remote server and send over the crucial information about the mobile device to the cyber criminals. This information includes handset model, device’s serial number, IMEI, carrier, cell phone number, default system language, operating system, and availability of the root account. The compromised mobile can also be send remote commands to perform additional malicious tasks by the cyber criminals.

Let us see how the mobile security community would react to the growing malware infections that are making the lives of mobile users really troublesome.

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