Mobile Cyber Security In India Must Be Developed

Mobile Cyber Security In India Must Be DevelopedIndia has a history of repeating mistakes. For instance, India has a tendency to implement projects without proper analysis, adequate security and regulatory framework. The implementation of projects like Aadhaar, Central Monitoring System (CMS), National Intelligence Grid (Natgrid), etc are few examples of the same.

Even our law enforcement and intelligence agencies are not governed by suitable regulatory frameworks and parliamentary oversight. Neither the central bureau of investigation (CBI) nor our intelligence agencies are governed by a law and parliamentary oversight. It is only now that our Indian government is contemplating making a law for CBI.

In short, India has miserably failed to maintain a balance between civil liberties and national security requirements. Indian cyberspace is passing through a metamorphism stage and we need to get rid of draconian laws like information technology act, 2000.

Till now we have not developed cyber security best practices in India. Further, the cyber security infrastructure of India is also not in a good shape. Although the cyber security policy of India has been cleared by the cabinet committee of security (CCS) yet it has still to be implemented.

In this background the reliance of Indian government upon mobile platforms for rendering various services is a big mistake. The fact is that mobile cyber security in India is needed and we must ensure the same as soon as possible. Since mobiles would also be used for financial and banking purposes, the mobile banking cyber security in India must also be ensured.

These days malware are specifically targeting mobile phones and relying upon mobile infrastructure without making them resilient and secure would be a bad policy decision. Unfortunately, India has opted for the bad decision without realising the possible consequences this decision may bring.

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