National Cyber Security Policy Of India Cleared By Cabinet Committee On Security (CCS)

National Cyber Security Policy Of India Cleared By Cabinet Committee On Security (CCS)We have been hearing that the cyber security policy of India would be formulated very soon. Now it has been reported that the national cyber security policy of India has been approved by the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS).

This is a good step in the right direction and Perry4Law Organisation and Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB) welcome this move of Indian government. The policy would help in developing the offensive and defensive cyber security capabilities in India.

The cyber security infrastructure of India is not in a very good shape. Further, cyber security best practices in India are also missing as on date. The policy can also help on these fronts as well. With the appointment of Mr. Gulshan Rai as the cyber security chief and national cyber security coordinator, Indian government has also shown its seriousness in the field of cyber security.

The policy sets a road map for strengthening cyber security of the country by building capacities in the country, training manpower, skills development, etc. The policy also strives for a secure computing environment and seeks to build adequate trust and confidence in electronic transactions.

The policy must take care of issues like cyber terrorism, cyber warfare, cyber espionage, critical infrastructure protection, cyber crisis management plan, etc.

The policy aims to create a cyber security framework that will address all related issues over a long period. The framework will lead to specific actions and programmes to enhance the security posture of country’s cyber space.

Besides, cyber security intelligence forms an integral component to be able to anticipate attacks and quickly adopt counter measures.

We would cover the cyber security policy of India in great detail in our subsequent posts. Further, our readers must be aware that this is just the framework for cyber security policy in India and it has still to be implemented in India.

Framing of cyber security policy and approving it is one thing and actually implementing it in the most effective manner is an altogether different thing. We hope Indian government would do the needful in this regard and start implementing various aspects of the policy one by one as soon as possible.

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