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Law Firms Cyber Security Obligations Are Increasing

Cyber criminals target banks and financial institutions because that is where the money is. This traditional theory has now been expanded to other segments as well as either money or money worth information and data is available at multiple platforms … Continue reading

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International Legal Issues Of Cyber Attacks And Indian Perspective

Cyber security threats are global in nature due to the very nature of Internet and multifaceted stakeholders. Cyberspace also put forward complex problems of authorship attribution for cyber attacks and anonymity. Cyberspace also gives rise to conflict of laws in … Continue reading

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National Security Council (NSC) Proposes Three Pronged Cyber Security Action Plan For India

Indian government has always been very slow regarding ensuring robust cyber security in India. Most of the actions of India government are either knee jerk reactions or just ill suited super imposing of foreign models to Indian conditions. The National … Continue reading

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Has Target Failed To Observe Cyber Law And Cyber Security Due Diligence After The Cyber Attack?

Cyber security breaches are common these days. It is also well understood that none can ensure 100 per cent cyber security for their cyber infrastructures. However, with prudence and due diligence, cyber incidences can be minimised to maximum possible extent. … Continue reading

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National Infrastructure Protection Plan In Thermal Power Sector Of India Proposed

Cyber security issues in India have gradually started gaining attention of our government departments and ministries.  However, till now cyber security has not been given the priority and importance that it deserves. The cyber security trends and developments in India … Continue reading

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