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Cyber Security Trends Of India 2017 By PTLB

Cyber security has attracted attention of various stakeholders in India. These include Indian government, companies, individuals, banks, etc. Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) has already provided the Indian Cyber Security Trends 2017 and interested stakeholders may read the same for in-depth analysis … Continue reading

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Are Present Day Malware Beyond The Reach Of Cyber Security Products And Services?

Malware are a big cyber security nuisance for long. Cyber security vendors have been trying to contain various sophisticated malware that come up from time to time. As the nations and state actors have become interested in these malware and … Continue reading

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Blog On International Legal Issues Of Cyber Attacks

Anybody who has dealt with international cyber law and cyber security related issues must be aware that it is really tough to solve such cases. Being transnational in nature, cyber law and cyber security issues require international cooperation among various … Continue reading

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School Children In India Must Be Suitably Educated About Cyber Issues

Protecting children in cyberspace is a collective responsibility of all stakeholders, including Indian government. At a time when Indian government is adopting Digital India project, our society at large is required to take care of our children while they use … Continue reading

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Cyber Security Challenges In India Would Increase

Cyber security is a complicated process to manage. It requires both technological expertise and legal compliances. Some developed nations have enacted cyber security regulations but they have outlived their natural lives. The present day cyber security regulations require a techno … Continue reading

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US Justice Department Charges Russian National For Creation Of Gameover Zeus (GOZ) Botnet

The Gameover Zeus or GOZ botnet is a well known malware that is capable of stealing sensitive banking and financial information and details. It fist appeared in the year 2007 and then changed its form from time to time. The … Continue reading

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Iranian Hackers Created False Social Networking Accounts And A Bogus News Website To Spy On Military And Political Leaders In The US

Fake identities and pseudonymity is a common feature of Internet. The United States has been planning to use fake virtual people botnet and persona management software for long. Till now U.S. must actually be using these tactics. It has been … Continue reading

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Joshua Rogers Detected SQL Injection Vulnerability In EBay’s Sub Domain

EBay has been facing litigations in United States and Europe over the cyber breach of its computer systems. These investigations would analyse whether EBay has failed or not to adhere to proper cyber security practices and disclosure norms. Meanwhile, EBay … Continue reading

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Three U.S. States Are Investigating EBay’s Cyber Security Standards And Cyber Security Breach Disclosure Practices

Cyber security breaches are very common and are increasing world over these days. Cyber criminals are targeting companies possessing and storing sensitive information about people. These include banks, law firms, e-commerce companies and many more such institutions that are retaining … Continue reading

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U.S. Public Utility Cyber Attacked And Its Control System Network Compromised Reports ICS-CERT

Malware like Stuxnet, Duqu, Flame, Uroburos/Snake, Blackshades, FinFisher, etc have been targeting virtually everything worth money or strategic importance. They are also been used to indulge in cyber warfare and cyber espionage activities. They are stealth in nature and till … Continue reading

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