History Is Repeating Itself

One concept that India lacks most while formulating its national policies and taking crucial decision is a “holistic approach”. Indian government always prefers extreme approach of this way or that way. It never bothers to consider both sides of the proposal. India firmly believes that civil liberties and national interests are mutually exclusive and the former cannot be reconciled with the latter in any case. Rather India is not willing at all to reconcile the same and adopt a holistic approach. All it is doing is imposing initiatives after initiatives even at the cost of human rights of Indian citizens.

Take the example of national intelligence grid (Natgrid) of India. Natgrid is a much required centralised ICT system of India. None can doubt the importance of a project like Natgrid. However, it is not a wise idea to ignore human rights absolutely while implementing Natgrid. This mistake was previously committed by the Home ministry of India and as a result of the same Natgrid was stalled temporarily. It seems the Home Ministry is trying to revive the project again but there are no indications as to safeguards taken to prevent its misuse. If this is the form in which Natgrid would be implemented, I have serious doubts about its objectives as well as results.

Take another example of Aadhar Project of India. This is one of the most important projects that India should undertake as soon as possible. However, the aadhar project is also suffering from the reconciliatory lapses. There are various factors that are making it unconstitutional and illegal in its present form. Fortunately, aadhar would be regulated by a law. This I think is the right approach that India must take. It is always better to remove the obstacles and barriers first and then proceed further. There is no sense in proceeding unprepared and then leaving the projects half baked and semi successful after spending crores of public resources.

I hope Indian government would not commit the same mistakes again as that would amount to blunder. All it is required to do is to take a one time pain and strengthen it base for all subsequent crucial projects like Natgrid, Aadhar, CCTNS, etc.