Protecting Children In Cyberspace

Juveniles or children dealing with cyberspace requires special attention and safeguards. This necessitates both legal and technical measures to be adopted. On the legal side we must have strong cyber law to punish the offender. On the technical side we must have effective software that can prevent potential abuse of children in cyberspace.

These days children are either perpetrator or victim of cyber crimes, cyber bullying, pornography, etc. They must be made suitably aware as well as protected from these cyber threats. After all, human rights protection in cyberspace also includes protection of juvenile’s human rights.

The Human Rights Protection Centre is the “Exclusive” Centre of India that is providing suggestions and measures for the protection of human rights in cyberspace. It is supported by the Cyber Security Research Centre of India (CSRCI) for providing additional strength of cyber security.

Both these Centres have decided to extend their expertise for protection of children in cyberspace. In due course of time we would provide techno-legal solutions for protection and empowerment of children in cyberspace.

We hope this initiative of ours would prove useful for all concerned.