Aadhar Project And UIDAI Must Be Scrapped

Till now it is absolutely clear that the proposed Aadhar Project of India or Unique Identification Project of India (UID Project of India) has no developmental or welfare oriented interests and intentions. The proposed Aadhar Project aims to benefit few selected IT Companies by allotting them the tenders and contracts to implement the Aadhar Project.

This seems to be another “Backdoor Method” of illegally distributing hard earned Public Money through governmental machinery. Surprisingly the opposition parties like BJP are playing deaf and dumb game and are silent on crucial issues like corruption, misappropriation of public money, violation of civil liberties like privacy rights of Indians, illegal and excessive e-surveillance, etc.

In a democratic and Parliamentary form of Government, opposition plays a pro active and constructive role. BJP and similar parties have drastically failed to fulfill this role and the Congress Party is having a clear and unfettered say for illegal and Unconstitutional Projects like Aadhar, NATGRID, CCTNS, etc.

The Nandan Nilekani led Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and Aadhar Project must be scrapped immediately till proper laws and adequate safeguards are at place. India does not have either Privacy Law or Data Protection Law.

If the Government of India keeps on imposing these sorts of illegal and Unconstitutional Projects upon us, we must take immediate steps to make them redundant. Let us start by saying no to the UID Cards and restrain from giving our Biometric Details.