Aadhar Card Cannot Be Made Mandatory For Availing Public Services In India: Supreme Court

Aadhar Card Cannot Be Made Mandatory For Availing Public Services In India Supreme CourtFinally the Supreme Court of India has come to the rescue of Indian citizens and their hard earned money that has been illegally spent over personal ambitions of few named as Aadhaar project.

Supreme Court of India has declared that Aadhaar card cannot be made mandatory or compulsory for availing public services in India. The Court has also held that only residents of India are allowed to get Aadhaar cards.

The net result of this order of Indian Supreme Court is that now public utilities cannot demand that their services cannot be availed of in the absence of an Aadhaar card. Previously various public utilities institutions and organisations were insisting upon an Aadhaar card and thereby engaging in illegal demands and transactions.

Now no governmental organisation or its agencies can demand Aadhaar card for marriage registration, disbursal of salaries and provident funds, opening of bank accounts, money transfers, LPG gas connections, etc. If any individual or organisation asks for Aadhaar card as a compulsory document, he/it would be doing an illegal act.

From the very beginning there was no doubt that Aadhaar project is an unconstitutional project that must be scrapped immediately. However, Indian government not only kept this unconstitutional project alive but also actively kept on feeding it at the cost of public exchequer.

When Indian government kept on pushing this illegal project, some public spirited citizens filed various writ petitions in different High Courts of India to challenge the same.

There are unconstitutional and illegal biometrics collection practices happening in India that clearly violates the constitutional freedoms of Indian citizens. The bottom line is that biometrics collection is unconstitutional in India.

As on date, the Aadhaar project of India is not governed by any law and parliamentary oversight. Aadhar project of India is always portrayed as a welfare scheme. In reality, Aadhar project and UIDAI have evil intentions. In fact, Aadhar project and UIDAI are the most evil projects of India till now. What is more surprising is why this e-surveillance and big brother project has not been scrapped by the Prime Minister’s office (PMO).

The Supreme Court of India has achieved a major portion of the task and the only thing that remains to be done is to declare the Aadhaar project illegal and unconstitutional. But it would be a good face saving exercise for Indian government if it scraps the Aadhaar project itself before any such direction comes from Indian Supreme Court.

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