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United Nations (UN), Cyber Laws And Human Rights In Cyberspace

The relationship of United Nations (UN) and Cyber Laws is a very Unique but Ignored area. Cyber Law is an aspect that is International in nature but it is always given a “National Treatment”. This is a “Big Fallacy” as Cyberspace recognises no boundary and by confining it to National Boundaries, we are just creating Chaos and Confusion.

What is more surprising is why UN has still not provided a “Harmonised Framework” for Cyber Law that is acceptable to all concerned. In the absence of “International Harmonisation”, Cyber Law has not witnessed the “Growth” that it deserved. In short, we have no Common Law of Cyberspace till now.

Another area that deserves the attention of UN pertains to Human Rights Protection in Cyberspace. Presently, UN and Human Rights in Cyberspace are two separate issues although they need to be one. Similarly, we have no International Cyber Law Treaty, International Cyber Security Treaty, International Cooperation in Techno Legal fields, etc.

UN is very slow in protecting Human Rights in Cyberspace and it must now expedite this process of protection. Although UN has declared that Access to Internet is a Human Right yet this can be considered to be a beginning at the most. UN has still to cover a “Long Gap” in this regard.

Public Legal Awareness regarding International Law in general and Cyber Law in particular is also required to be spread. This can be achieved through the mode of Online Courses and Trainings through E-Learning methodology.

UN must use Public Private Partnership (PPP) Model to associate with National and International Institutions and Individual Experts in this regard. The sooner this is done the better it would be for the larger benefit of Cyberspace and Netizens.