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Internet And Social Media Surveillance And Censorship Would Increase In India Now

Internet Surveillance

Slowly and steadily Indian government has been able to compromise Rule of Law, Fundamental Rights and Human Rights in India. Unfortunately, Supreme Court of India helped Indian government in its quest to destroy Human Rights in Cyberspace.

First it allowed unconstitutional provisions under Indian Telegraph Act, Information Technology Act, 2000, etc to continue despite they being clearly violative of Indian Constitution. Then it allowed Orwellian Aadhaar to continue and allowed further to use it for limited purpose of subsidy seeking by Indians. Of course, some brakes were put by Supreme Court in Aadhaar judgment on unconstitutional and unregulated surveillance capacity of Indian government and its agencies.

But as expected, Indian government was not deterred from that limitation. It went overboard and authorised 10 intelligence and law enforcement agencies in a single notification to engage in illegal and unconstitutional e-surveillance and snooping upon law abiding citizens. This is despite the fact this this is violation of right to privacy as decided by a 9 judge bench of Supreme Court.

Keeping in mind the surveillance friendly nature of Indian Supreme Court, even this unconstitutional surveillance act of Indian government may go unnoticed and unopposed. But despite Supreme Court’s failure to protect our Human Rights, we at India’s exclusive Centre of Excellence for Protection of Human Rights in Cyberspace (CEPHRC) are committed to fight against government’s surveillance, snooping, spying and privacy violating activities.

Very few of national and international stakeholders are aware that we are also managing a blog that is discussing surveillance and censorship issues of Internet and Social Media in India. It remained dormant for sometime like our other blogs but now is the right time to update it on regular basis.

Meanwhile, we have launched an online portal that is allowing stakeholders to report cyber law, cyber security, privacy and data protection breaches In India and other jurisdictions. If you come across any surveillance or privacy violation activity of Indian government or its agencies, create a ticket and we would pursue the same free of cost. Even if Supreme Court is not rendering justice to Indians, we at Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) would not let you down.