Google Defeated By Splogs, Content Farms And National Censorships

Despite Panda update of Google, spam blogs (Splogs) are still defeating Google’s efforts to award original contents and punish content scrappers. Many of our original articles are picked on daily basis by Splogs and content farms yet these Splogs and content farm websites remain unaffected by the Google’s algorithms and Panda update. The following posts cover this issue:

Spam blogs are diminishing the quality of Google’s search results

Can Google defeat content farms and Splogs?

Google coming heavily upon Splogs

Further, controversial posts pertaining to e-surveillance and censorship and non accountability of authorities and projects launched by Indian government without any legal framework and parliamentary oversight are also censored by Google frequently in India.

The list of affected posts, news, articles, etc in this category are as follows:

National cyber coordination centre (NCCC) of India

News Results Censorship By Google In India

Google has been censoring news results for controversial topics. Some of the recent posts discussing this aspect are:

Google censored NCTC news and blog posts in India

Google is censoring NCTC and intelligence agencies related results in India

The following news article were manipulated and censored by Google recently:

Legal requirements of undertaking e-commerce in India

NCTC, intelligence agencies and censorship by Google in India

Parliamentary oversight of intelligence agencies of India is needed

National counter terrorism centre (NCTC) of India is required

We would add the latest censored posts at the top of this list in the second para and at the page titled “News”.

Websites, Blogs And News Censorship And Results Manipulation By Google

Google has been censoring search results of news, blogs and SERPs for long. However, of late this practice of Google has crossed all limits that can safely call it a civil liberty respecting organisation.

Google has been systematically censoring news, blog pots and websites search results that have been providing critical analysis and reviews about Indian government and its projects.

This initiative intends to cover all such censorship and websites blocking efforts of Google and Indian government at a single place. We have made different categories that are frequently censored in India by Google. These include posts pertaining to Aadhar project, central monitoring system (CMS) project, e-surveillance, human rights, international organisations, Internet censorship, national cyber coordination centre (NCCC), national intelligence grid (Natgrid), news, phone tapping, websites blocking and others categories.

Through this initiative we would try to consolidate all such actions at a single place so that others can rebut or corroborate the same. We hope our readers would find this initiative useful.