Methods That Google Uses To Filter, Manipulate And Censor Contents

We are compiling a list of methods that Google uses to mess up, manipulate SERPs, blog search and news results. This is based on our own personal experience and research. If you are aware of any method in this regard, kindly contact us and inform us about the same so that we can incorporate the same here.

According to us, Google uses the following methods:

(1) Putting posts in duplicate contents category in news category thereby making it unavailable in the main category.

(2) Temporarily removing the contents from news, SERPs, blog search, etc so that its relevance is gone for contemporary news and topics. Further, this also allows non controversial posts to get a better place in Google’s SERPs and other search results.

(3) Algorithms changes that is an automatic process managed by Google’s bots.

(4) Manual action penalty used by Google’s employees.

(5) Putting posts in blackhole for certain days or for indefinite period.

(6) Rough employees manipulating news, SERPs and blog results, with or without Google’s knowledge.

(7) Removing the news from news search results after a day or two. Normally news remains in Google news search results for a month but Google occasionally removes news within a day or two. For instance, the post titled legal requirements of undertaking e-commerce in India appeared in news and is now not there.

(8) By attaching a 503 “services unavailable” error with the post to be censored and making it unavailable. You can analysis this fact and error at your webmaster tool.

(9) By manipulating the robots text file (robots.txt) and blocking post(s) through such robots. txt file. This is done in such a manner that you cannot find any clue, hint or proof of the same even through the webmaster tool.

We would update the list on regular basis. If you think a particular method should or should not be there in the abovementioned list, kindly drop us a line. We really appreciate the valuable inputs of our readers.