Legal Response To Google’s Wrongful Blog Takedown Notice

Recently Google negligently issued a Blogger Blog takedown notification. As we create original contents and do not pick others contents, we have decided to take appropriate legal action against the offending party. If it is attributable to the negligence of Google, even Google can be held liable for such negligence.

We have sought more details from Google in this regard so that we can decide our course of action. We have sent the following mail to Google:

“Dear Google

Thanks for your mail.

However, your communication and action is totally misplace and is wrongly executed. We have checked our contents thoroughly and not even a single word has been picked from other platforms.

We always produce original contents and our contents are picked by others.

It seems to be a mala fide DMCA complaint and we wish to take action against the offender. Kindly issue us the copy of the DMCA compliant so that not only can we file a counter notification but also take appropriate legal action against the offender, if any.

Even there is a gross negligence on the part of Google by making the post a draft. Google has neither checked the veracity of the compliant nor has it provided any information to us to check the same.

How can we analyse that we have violated the copyright of any person/organisation if the information is not provided to us? We also could not find any such information at Chilling Effects.

As a matter of fact we believe that Google has committed a mistake by acting in the manner in which it has acted.

Kindly restore our contents to original state immediately”.

Now we are waiting for the response of Google and once such response is received we would decide the future course of action in this regard.