Google News Censorship At Its Worst

Google News Censorship At Its WorstA recent elaborative news article titled censorship of news by Google is forsaking its do not be evil motto has spilled all the beans about Google’s news censorship activities.

We also believe that Google has been systematically censoring and manipulating news results.

We also believe that posts that are legal and protected as part of speech and expression are deliberately censored and deleted by Google. They resurface again only after publicly criticizing Google in this regard.

The latest to add to this list is the news article titled Vodafone taxation, parliament, international treaty and taxation issues of India.  The same has been reported by the post titled Vodafone taxation dispute in India and censorship by Google.

Like Priyanka Sharma said, the trust and confidence in Google has long eroded and so is Google motto of not being evil. I hope someone at Google is reading these posts and would take notice of the deteriorating standards of Google’s civil liberty protection initiatives and efforts.