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Google Is Tampering With Timestamp Of Digital India Related Dissenting News

Google Is Tampering With Timestamp Of Digital India Related Dissenting NewsGoogle has been censoring news in India in one form or another for long. Most of the times it is the critical news that challenges the policies and decisions of Indian government that are censored by Google. Digital India is one such policy initiatives of Indian government that is not at all tolerant to dissenting, critical and opposite views.

Initially Twitter started censoring Digital India related critical tweets and it is still doing the same. However, that was not enough and now Google has joined this censorship nuisance.

In a bizarre incidence, Google has manipulated timestamp of Digital India related dissenting news to remove it from latest news search results. The idea is to make the impact of the news minimum. A post of similar nature has already been censored by Google from its organic search results.

This is surprising as a government possessing the blind support of print and digital media has to resort to such negative tactics is really embarrassing. Even Google has failed to protect civil liberties in cyberspace as it has unreasonably curbed the speech and expression rights of the sole voice questioning the negative aspects of Digital India project.

Both Google and Indian government have forgotten that Internet or cyberspace cannot be regulated in this manner. If one thing is censored another would turn up with a different name and location. This post is the testimony of this position and we hope good sense would prevail over Google and Indian government in this regard.