Cyber And Hi-Tech Crime Investigation And Training (CHCIT) Centre Of India

Techno legal issues especially cyber crimes and cyber security issues in India are complicated to manage and tackle. Countries all over the world are struggling to deal with the same. Even in India we have to cover a long road before expertise pertaining to cyber security in India and cyber forensic in India can be achieved.

Research and development plays a major role in developing cyber security capabilities. It is also crucial to develop methods to fight against cyber crimes and cyber attacks. Private initiatives like cyber security research centre of India (CSRCI), cyber forensics research and development centre of India (CFRDCI), cyber crimes investigation centre of India (CCICI), etc are crucial in this regard.

At Perry4Law and Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) we are managing the exclusive techno legal cyber crime and high tech investigation and training centre of India. We are also managing the exclusive techno legal centre of excellence for cyber crimes investigation in India.

Further, in order to inculcate techno legal skills among police, lawyers, judges, professionals, etc we have been managing the exclusive techno legal centre of excellence for lifelong learning in India where we are providing trainings, courses and education in the fields like cyber law, cyber security, cyber forensics, etc. PTLB e-learning platform further helps in achieving this objective.

The cyber crimes investigation centre of India by PTLB aims at developing techno legal skills among cyber crime investigators on the pone hand and modernisation of police force of India on the other. We provide cyber crimes investigation trainings in India to various stakeholders.

Perry4Law and PTLB have also provided cyber crimes trends in India 2012, cyber law trends in India 2012, cyber security trends in India 2012, etc. Previous years trends have also been provided by Perry4Law and PTLB to give various stakeholders a good look of cyber environment of India.

We have been providing ICT trends in India since 2005-06. The ICT trends in India 2009 and subsequent trends have discussed both the positive and negative aspects of Indian ICT policies and strategies.

We hope that this exclusive techno legal cyber crime investigation centre of India would prove useful to all stakeholders in India and abroad.

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