Former ADJ Alleges That Her E-Mail Account Has Been Cracked To Destroy Evidence

Former ADJ Alleges That Her E-Mail Account Has Been Cracked To Destroy EvidenceCyber crimes are increasing in India and we do not have a robust cyber law and cyber crime investigation infrastructure in India. Incidences like e-mail cracking, abuse at Facebook, misuse of G-mail id, intellectual property thefts, etc have significantly increased in India due to absence of a techno legal framework.

So far Indian government had failed to ensure both the modernisation of police force of India and formulation of regulations and guidelines for effective investigation of cyber crimes in India. Further, Indian government has yet to formulate a cyber crimes prevention strategy of India. Although the National Cyber Security Policy 2013 of India has been formulated yet it has not been implemented in India so far. As a result the cyber security in India is still in an abysmal state.

In another instance of cyber crime, a former additional district and sessions judge (ADJ), who after resigning had levelled sexual harassment charges against a Madhya Pradesh high court judge, on Monday told the Supreme Court that her email account had been cracked and all her communications with the High Court deleted.

The ADJ told the Supreme Court that on October 31, it was realised by the petitioner that her e-mail account had been cracked by someone, and all her emails were being filtered and were going to some other account. This included all emails pertaining to the above said account, and thus all her correspondence with lawyers, their guidance to her, her instructions to them, etc are being continuously monitored by someone.

Certain important emails pertaining to the matter at hand have been deleted permanently so as to deprive the petitioner to use them as evidence in her pursuit to justice. The modus operandi seems to be that a separate email account was created by the cracker and it was marked as the “primary account” in the settings of her Yahoo email account. Thereafter, all her mails were first going to the said account created by the cracker, and also, since the cracker had complete access to her Yahoo account, certain important emails were also deleted.

An FIR in this regard has been lodged at the cyber crime cell in Mandir Marg police station, New Delhi, on November 1 2014. However, the petitioner alleges that no attention was given to the importance of the issue and the importance of urgent and immediate action to recover the lost/deleted emails by the police.

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