Intelligence Agencies And Law Enforcement Technology Forums In India

Intelligence Agencies And Law Enforcement Technology Forums In IndiaTechnologies regarding intelligence and law enforcement agencies are not very frequently discussed. Thus, they remain outside the mainstream media and very few works are available that inform about these technologies.

At Perry4Law Organisation we have been managing two discussion groups/forums. One is available at our own platform CECSRDI here and the other one is available as a LinkedIn Group here.

We have been discussing intelligence and law enforcement related technologies and projects like National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) of India, Aadhaar Project of India, Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) Project of India, Central Monitoring System (CMS) Project of India, Internet Spy System Network and Traffic Analysis System (NETRA) of India, National Intelligence Grid (Natgrid) Project of India, etc.

While implementing the intelligence and e-surveillance related projects, Indian government has failed to cater the constitutional requirements like Parliamentary oversight, privacy and civil liberties protections, balancing national security and civil liberties protection, etc.

Similarly, law enforcement and intelligence agencies of India are still not very comfortable with techno legal issues. For instance, cyber forensics is rarely applied by these agencies and our police are not well versed in cyber crime investigations. Modernisation of police force of India is urgently needed where police personnel must be trained in various techno legal issues.

Cyber security issues are also not managed properly by these agencies. Cyber security in India is not in a good shape as reflected by the cyber security trends of India 2013 (PDF). Critical infrastructure protection in India (PDF) is still not taken seriously by Indian government. It has been suggested that NTRO should protect the critical ICT infrastructures of India.

The National Cyber Security Policy of India 2013 (NCSP 2013) was drafted in the year 2013. However, NCSP 2013 itself is suffering from many serious drawbacks. These include lack of privacy protection, absence of integration with the National Security Policy of India, absence of civil liberties protection in cyberspace, absence of balance between civil liberties and national security requirements, non implementation of the policy, etc.

Indian government has also proposed setting up of National Cyber Coordination Centre (NCCC) of India in 2012. However, till 2014 it has not been established though some interest in this regard has been shown recently by the Narendra Modi government. This seems to be the continuance of Congress government’s commitment to expedite establishment of NCCC in India.

If you are interested in all these issues in general and intelligence agencies and law enforcement technology issues in particular, please visit the forums discussed above. You may also become a member of the LinkedIn forum of Perry4Law in this regard and keep yourself updated on all these issues.

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