Mumbai Crime Branch Busts Online Gambling Network Spreading Across India

Mumbai Crime Branch Busts Online Gambling Network Spreading Across India There is a legislative void when it comes to online gambling regulations in India. We have no dedicated online gambling laws in India and while traditional gambling is regulated to a great extent, online gambling is still evolving. Similarly, the online gaming industry of India is also maturing.

From time to time online gambling rackets are exposed by the law enforcement agencies of India. Still online gambling related websites and cyber crimes are on rise in India. Meanwhile, online websites for games like Poker, Rummy, etc are also on rise. A majority of the online poker and rummy websites in India are not legal and they are actively violating the laws and regulations of India.

Now it has been reported that the Mumbai crime branch sleuths have busted a first-of-its-kind online gambling network in the state with the arrest of five people from here on Saturday. The nation-wide network was being operated from Mumbai. Police have seized Rs 1 lakh, one dongle and two laptops from the accused.

The accused were collecting fees from individuals from the city who wished to become member of website. “An individual could become member of the website by depositing Rs 5,000 to Rs 1 lakh in cash and then play 12 types of gambling games,” police said. The accused told police that they were the local agents of the website. “The website is owned by Surajdev Gujarat of Mumbai. Its franchise owner is Limbra Infrastructure of H Y Khan, a resident of Mumbai,” police said. The accused told police that they were paid commission on the membership fees collected by them. Police said the gambling network had franchises in many cities of the country. Police teams would now set out to nab those who are behind the gambling network, police said.

While illegal online gambling websites may provide short term financial gains yet they are susceptible to legal risks. Similarly, playing online poker in India may be illegal in many circumstances. This is a grey area and what is legal and what is not depends exclusively whether the laws and regulations of India are truly followed by the poker websites operating in India.

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