Cyber Crimes Trends In India 2012

Perry4Law and Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) have been providing ICT trends in India since 2005-06. The ICT trends in India 2009 and subsequent trends have discussed both the positive and negative aspects of Indian ICT policies and strategies.

We have also been providing cyber law trends in India and cyber security trends in India for long. The cyber law trends of India 2012 and cyber laws and cyber security trends in India 2011 are the latest in this regard.

In this work, Perry4Law and PTLB are discussing the existing and potential cyber crimes trends in India 2012 and onwards. In India cyber crimes are mostly confined to identity thefts, obscene fake profiles at networking sites, threatening e-mails, websites defacement, cracking incidences, etc.

These cases are mostly crimes committed by novice and script kiddies. However, India has been facing growing cases of cyber attacks against its critical infrastructure and strategic computers. Further, the abuse of Hidden Internet is also going to increase in India in future.

Perry4Law and PTLB believe that we need to pay a special attention to critical infrastructure protection in India, homeland security of India, cyber security of India, etc. Similarly, critical ICT infrastructure protection policy of India and cyber security policy of India are also required to be formulated as soon as possible.

We also believe that technology can play a more direct and pro active role to fight against illicit networks, transnational crimes, white collor crimes, etc. Naturally, law enforcement technologies in India must be upgraded and law enforcement official must be imparted techno legal trainings so that they can tackle technology related crimes effectively and efficiently in India.

Modernisation of law enforcement agencies of India is need of the hour. In short, we need cyber police reforms in India where cyber skills of police personnel of India must be urgently developed. Further, cyber forensics skills developments of police in India also need to be taken seriously.

We would provide more detailed cyber crimes trends in India and worldwide subsequently. If you are part of an international organisation, law enforcement agency or any other organisation that is dealing and fighting with cyber crimes, feel free to contact us and have professional relationship with us in this regard.

Source: PTLB Blog

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