OLX Is Becoming A Breeding Ground For Cyber Harassment And Cyber Stalking

OLX Is Becoming A Breeding Ground For Cyber Harassment And Cyber StalkingInternet is full of complaints where the telephone numbers and personal details of innocent victims have been used to harass them. These cases of online harassment and online defamation can be found on social media websites and e-commerce websites like olx.com.

OLX.com/OLX.in is already facing a police investigation as stolen goods were sold using OLX website. The officials at OLX.com refused to comment, saying they were not authorised to speak to media.

In another recent case reported by TOI, some unidentified person uploaded the photograph of a young woman in an advertisement and offered her for Rs 2,000. The name and telephone number of a contact person was also given. As a result the victim has faced harassment at the hands of callers to his number.

So what is OLX doing to protect the interests of such victims? Presently there seems to be none as the best the website is offering is removal of the offending advertisement that also after much efforts by the victim.

A brief look at the terms and conditions of OLX reveals that it is using almost same terms and conditions for both United States and Indian versions of the websites. Further, OLX.com is redirected to OLX.in for users of India automatically with the same terms and conditions as are applicable to its United States counterpart.

OLX.in is clearly violating the laws of India, especially the cyber law of India. OLX.in is simply redirecting the users from India to a URL that incorporates the terms and conditions and privacy policy of its parent website OLX.com and the parent website is operating as per United States laws and not Indian laws.

Although the website has denied any legal responsibility for the contents uploaded by its users yet this is not true. As on date, the website and the person associated with its management can be prosecuted under the cyber law of India.

OLX has followed the footsteps of Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, etc that have been flouting laws of India with no fear of legal actions. It is high time for Indian government to resolve these techno legal issues for the larger benefit of India. The ultimate solution to make these foreign companies comply with Indian law is to ensure techno legal measures to regulate Indian cyberspace.

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