Online And High Tech Gambling Racket Busted By Police

Online And High Tech Gambling Racket Busted By PoliceUse of technology to commit crimes has significantly increased in India. Although we have the information technology act, 2000 as the cyber law of India yet by and large it is ineffective and a weak piece of legislation to deal with high tech and cyber crimes in India.

Any person or company that is doling an online business or transaction in India is required to meet the cyber law due diligence requirements of Indian cyber law. Further, such a person or company must also keep in mind the Internet intermediary liability in India.

Many cyber criminals have taken recourse to the e-commerce route to commit various cyber crimes and other offences in India. For instance, e-commerce websites operating in the fields of online pharmacies, online gamming and gambling, online selling of adult merchandise, etc are openly and continuously violating the laws of India, including the cyber law of India.

However, India government has yet to take action against these offending e-commerce websites of India that are also committing e-commerce frauds in India. It is high time for Indian government to regulate e-commerce websites operating in India.

Although we have no dedicated online gambling laws in India yet online gambling is fairly regulated in India under various legislations. By indulging in gambling in online and offline manner, the concerned person or company would be violating the laws of India.

In one such incidence, two persons were arrested by police for running an on-the-move cricket satta racket. One of the members of satta racket is pursuing and used to live in a rented accomodation at Basayatpur area of the city.

The accused were caught red-handed, booking bets on IPL (Indian Premier League) matches between Punjab King Eleven and Pune Warriors, besides Delhi Daredevils and Mumbai Indians. To dodge the police, they were moving from one place to another.

They have been booked under the Gambling Act at the Fazalganj police station. However, it is not clear why they have not been booked under the IT Act 2000 as they used Internet and mobile phones for running the gambling activities as well. The punishment for online gambling in India is more severe in nature as compared to the Gambling Act.

The police have seized huge cash, a lap-top, several mobile phones, calculators, betting diaries, registers and paper chits from their possession. They said that they were watching the live score on the internet fitted lap-top and were placing the stakes of different individuals by using mobile phones fitted with recorder. Also they were simultaneously maintaining the ledger for their record. The police are now questioning them about their links in other cities or countries.

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