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Senior Police Officer’s Permission Is required For Arresting A Person For Posting Objectionable Contents On Social Media Websites: SC

The media is full of news about the directions of Indian Supreme Court mandating that a senior police officer’s permission is required for arresting a person for posting objectionable contents on social media websites. The crucial questions are has this … Continue reading

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Nine People Arrested Regarding International ATM Heist Involving Rakbank And Bank Of Muscat

Recently Rakbank and Bank of Muscat faced an international ATM heist of big proportion. This is a significant cyber crime where financial institutions have been duped of tremendous amount. In fact, the way these financial crimes have been committed shows … Continue reading

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US Refuses To Serve Indian Summons Upon US Websites Including Facebook And Google

Indian government is trying its level best to control foreign websites, especially social media websites. However, it has achieved very insignificant success in this regard in India. In a desperate move to force such U.S. based companies/websites to comply with … Continue reading

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