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Apple Accused Of Providing Pornographic Contents On Its App Store

The troubles for Apple are surfacing again and again. Not very late Apple was fined in a Beijing court for unauthorised e-book sales. Apple was ordered by the court to pay a total of 1.03 million yuan ($165,000) for selling … Continue reading

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Online Pharmacies Websites Of India Under Regulatory Scanner And Punishment May Follow

There are many entrepreneurs in India that are trying to get monetary benefit out of the e-commerce boom. However, in order to earn profits, these entrepreneurs are openly violating the laws of India. Naturally the e-commerce websites frauds, offences and … Continue reading

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In Re Warrant To Search A Target Computer At Premises Unknown, Case No. H-13-234M, F. Supp.2d, 2013 WL 1729765

World over human rights protection in cyberspace is ignored and there are very few individuals and organisations that are maintaining a balance between civil liberties and national security requirements. The lawful interception law in India is needed as soon as … Continue reading

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Online And High Tech Gambling Racket Busted By Police

Use of technology to commit crimes has significantly increased in India. Although we have the information technology act, 2000 as the cyber law of India yet by and large it is ineffective and a weak piece of legislation to deal … Continue reading

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Online Gambling Laws In India

The online gambling laws and regulations in India is a tricky and complicated subject. We at Perry4Law receive numerous legal consultancy requests regarding legality of online gambling in India. The first question that owners of potential online gambling websites in … Continue reading

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