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MLM Companies Frauds And Financial Crimes Investigation In India

Serious frauds and white collar crimes are on steep rise world over. With the globalisation and ubiquitous adoption of information technology (IT) territorial boundaries have little meaning these days. The effects of the acts or omissions of one person may … Continue reading

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Blocking Of Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Companies Website In India

Websites blocking in India is a complicated scenario. This is so because websites blocking in India is mainly a judicial act. However, judicial decisions for blocking of websites in India are not always very reasoned and reasonable. The truth is … Continue reading

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Fraudulent Multi Level Marketing Companies Regulation In India

Fraudulent multi level marketing (MLM) companies in India have been working for long. They have been successful till now in duping innocent victims in India. Now Indian government has decided to take these MLM companies seriously. Previously it was declared … Continue reading

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Preventive Measures For ATM Frauds In India

ATM Frauds in India are increasing at an alarming rate. If we add to it the cases of Credit Card Frauds, Internet Banking Frauds and frauds committed using Phishing techniques, the numbers are really shocking. It is not the case … Continue reading

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Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) Of India Would Get More Powers

Serious fraud investigation office (SFIO) is a corporate fraud investigating body under the ministry of corporate affairs (MCA), India. SFIO has been seeking broader powers to carry out investigations abroad. Now the MCA is considering this proposal of SFIO that … Continue reading

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IT And Cyber Frauds In Indian Companies Is Increasing

White collar crimes and financial frauds are increasing in India. By its very nature these high profile crimes affect corporate sector. Indian companies are also facing increased corporate frauds, financial frauds, white color crimes and technological frauds. With growing dependence … Continue reading

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Cyber Law Firms In New Delhi India

Cyber law firms in New Delhi India are not easy to find. This is because there are only handfuls of cyber law firms in India. Cyber law is essentially a techno legal field that requires a thorough knowledge of both … Continue reading

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