Cloud Computing Training In India By PTLB

Managing cloud computing business is a risky affair. There is no doubt about the benefits of cloud computing but the legal risks of use of cloud computing in India are far greater at this time. As on date cloud computing in India is still not trusted.

We have no dedicated privacy law or data protection law in India. Further, data security laws in India are also missing. In such a situation cloud computing is a potential landmine for privacy violations. Similarly, cloud computing may also be responsible for data theft, data breaches, confidentiality breach, etc in the absence of robust and effective laws.

We have no dedicated cloud computing laws in India and cloud computing regulations in India. Despite may protests the legal framework for cloud computing in India is still missing. Further, the procedural safeguards to prevent misuse of confidential and sensitive information are also missing in India.

For instance, surrender of personal, secret and confidential information to law enforcement agencies of India without any judicial order is also possible as Indian laws does not requires a court warrant to be the prerequisite before such data and information can be parted away by an Internet intermediary or Internet service provider.

According to a recent research analysis by Perry4Law and Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB), Indian chief information officers (CIOs) and chief executive officers (CEOs) are not comfortable using cloud computing in the present situations. Many other organisations have also endorsed this analysis of Perry4Law and PTLB.

Realising the possible legal battles and legal procedural roadblocks, Perry4Law and PTLB have been providing cloud computing training and courses in India. The purpose of cloud computing trainings of PTLB is to make the cloud computing service providers in India aware of the applicable laws of India.

If you are interested in availing the trainings and courses of PTLB, you must enroll with PTLB in this regard. To enroll for any of these courses and trainings, fill in the “Application Form” and send the same to us at the address mentioned therein along with “Prescribe Fees”. See FAQs before applying and remitting fees to get an insight of courses and trainings scope, nature, duration, fees, etc.

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