Online Cyber Security Courses In India

Cyber security in India is a very crucial area that various stakeholders in India must take seriously. Cyber security capabilities of India must be strengthened so that cyber attacks against India’s critical infrastructures can be prevented. However, cyber security in India is not satisfactory due to absence of adequate and qualitative cyber security educational institutions in India.

On the other hand cyber attacks and cyber crimes have kept on increasing in India. As per the cyber laws and cyber security trends of India 2011 by Perry4Law and Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB), India is vulnerable to sophisticated cyber attacks and cyber crimes. In fact, cyber terrorism against India, cyber warfare against India, cyber espionage against India and cyber attacks against India have already increased a lot. Even the cyber law trends of India 2012 by PTLB have also projected an increased rate of cyber crimes in India and cyber attacks against India in the year 2012.

In short, Indian defense and security against cyber warfare needs to be upgraded. This can be achieved through ensuring adequate cyber security skills development in India through appropriate and qualitative cyber security courses in India. There are many essentials of cyber security courses in India that must be taken care of before trained and skilled cyber workforce can be produced in India.

PTLB provides good and qualitative techno legal cyber law, cyber security, cyber forensics and many more techno legal courses and trainings. Similarly, Perry4Law Techno Legal ICT Training Centre (PTLITC) provides domain specific and highly specilaised cyber law, cyber security, cyber forensics and many more techno legal courses, trainings and educations.

PTLB e-learning platform is providing courses on cyber law, cyber forensics, cyber security and many more techno legal fields. Stakeholders and learners from around the world can be enrolled there for these courses. These virtual campuses can fill the cyber security education gap that is prevailing in India.

Cyber security courses in India must not be mere academic degrees or diplomas. They must be practical and vocational in nature. Technical education and skill development in India still needs to be developed.

Similarly, cyber security laws in India have also not been formulated because there is very low cyber law and cyber security awareness in India. As a result we have very few cyber law firms in India and cyber security law firms in India.

Indian government has now shown some positive response for strengthening cyber security in India. A national critical information infrastructure protection centre (NCIPC) of India has also been proposed by Indian government. Let us hope, cyber security educational institutions would also rise to the occasion.

Meanwhile, those desiring of availing the trainings and courses of PTLB, they may enroll with PTLB in this regard. To enroll for any of these courses and trainings, fill in the “Application Form” and send the same to us at the Address mentioned therein along with “Prescribe Fees”. See FAQs before applying for courses and trainings scope, nature, duration, fees, etc.

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