Lawyers Training And Education In India

Legal and judicial fields are rapidly changing world over. New laws are emerging and growing integration of information technology into legal and judicial fields has widened the nature and scope of legal and judicial functioning. This also means that legal and judicial fraternity of India needs scientific knowledge and expertise to manage their respective tasks efficiently.

There is also a need to develop techno legal education, training and research in India. The techno legal trainings for judges in India must be undertaken. Similarly, more online lawyers training and education centre in India must be opened. Work in this direction has already started and a national online examination system in India has already been proposed.

We need dedicated lawyers training institutes in India as well. Lawyers training in India must be strengthened through online legal courses in India. Further, legal awareness training in India is also required to be undertaken to make the masses aware of our legal system. Even chief information officers (CIOs) training in India is required for corporate executives so that they are well aware of the laws of India.

At Perry4Law and Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) we understand the importance of good professional education and training for lawyers. We also appreciate that lawyers do not have a free schedule to attend regular classes. That is why we have devised the medium of e-learning and online education and learning in India, Asia and other parts of the world.

While basic level courses of are managed by PTLB, highly specialised courses are undertaken by Perry4Law Techno Legal ICT Training Centre (PTLITC). Further, techno legal skills development initiatives are also undertaken by PTLB. Crucial areas like continuing legal education in India (CLE in India) and legal lifelong learning in India are also taken care of by PTLB.

PTLB manages the exclusive techno legal research, education and training centers in the fields like cyber law (PDF), cyber security, cyber forensics, e-courts, digital evidencing, e-discovery, online dispute resolution (ODR), human rights protection in cyberspace, techno legal skills development, techno legal e-learning, etc.

If your are a law student, lawyers or in house counsel and you wish to enroll for the courses of PTLB, just fill the “application form” and send the same to the address mentioned at the form along with “prescribe fees”. To get more idea about the courses and trainings of PTLB and the scope, nature, duration, fees, etc, of such courses, see FAQs before applying and remitting the fees.

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