Skills Development And Entrepreneurship Must Be Strengthened In India

Skills Development And Entrepreneurship Must Be Strengthened In IndiaSkills development has been a major challenge for India for long. In the absence of skilled workforce, the employment system of India cannot adjust a vast majority of young population. As a result the percentage of unemployed youth is very high in India. Further, the academic nature of our education system has also not allowed these youth to explore the entrepreneurship arena. There is no guidance and support for these youth and they have no choice but to remain unemployed even after completing their education.

We at Perry4Law and Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB) believe that Indian government must urgently and suitably invest in skills development and entrepreneurship management. The academic nature of our educational system cannot be rectified instantly and it may still take a decade to bring them in conformity with contemporary standards and requirements.

As an alternative the Indian government must stress upon skills development and entrepreneurship strengthening initiatives. Our youth must also understand that having a degree or diploma must not be the ultimate aim but to acquire requisite skills must be their priority. Indian government must also stress upon technology aided and technology driven skills development initiatives in India. Online skills development, e-learning and distance learning projects must be encouraged by Indian government.

We have been managing online skills development initiative for many years and from our experience we can say that students and employees are still reluctant to choose the skills development option. They are still more comfortable with the diploma and degree courses without realising that most of them are useless. A special emphasis has been given by us on techno legal skills development that cover areas like cyber law, cyber security, cyber forensics, e-governance, e-commerce, etc.

We have also stressed upon continuing legal education, faculty development, lifelong learning, virtual legal campus, etc as well. For those interested in our online skills development and training initiatives, the “application form” can be downloaded from here. See the students’ enrollment and FAQs segments of PTLB for more details. For payment of the fees, see the payment mechanism of PTLB. Interested individuals may see our blog for more details.

We hope our skills development and entrepreneurship management projects and initiatives would be helpful and various stakeholders would fully utilise them to bridge the skills gap.

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