Importance Of Cyber Forensics For India By PTLB

Cyber forensics in India is one of the most important fields for effective legal and judicial system of India. Indian Approach towards cyber forensics has been lukewarm so far. It is only now that India has started paying attention to cyber forensics.

There are very few cyber forensics firms and companies operating in India. Cyber forensics is a dynamic field that requires continuous updates and modifications. Thus, cyber forensics companies and firms in India must innovate.

Further, cyber forensics research centers in India must be established to meet the research and development needs of India in the field of cyber forensics. The distance learning courses for computer forensics in India must be encouraged to develop cyber forensics skills in India. The cyber forensic investigation solutions in India are needed to establish cyber forensics procedures and best practices in India.

World over stakeholders are planning to use technology to fight drugs, human trafficking and illicit networks. Cyber forensics can play a crucial role in order to achieve this objective.

Cyber forensics professionals must be aware of the basics of Internet protocol (IP) address system as that is the starting point for all cyber forensics and cyber security related exercises. IP address tracking methods and techniques for e-mails must also be well understood. A special care must be taken of IP address spoofing and its defenses.

There are certain challenges that cyber forensics professionals may face in their day to day affairs. For instance, cyber forensics of hidden Internet is a challenging and daunting task.  Cyber forensics professionals must be well prepared to tackle new and unexplored challenges from cyberspace.

Further, legal and judicial fraternity of India needs scientific knowledge. Police, lawyers and judges must be aware about the basic level knowledge of cyber forensics. Technology laws like cyber law must also be well known to legal and judicial fraternity in India.  While undertaking a trial, the judges in India must realise that IP address should not be the sole criteria for arrest and conviction.

Perry4Law and Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) hope that India would consider these aspects and various stakeholders would work collectively in this crucial and much needed direction.

Source: PTLB Blog

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