Cyber Security Firms And Companies In India

Cyber security issues in India have attracted the attention of Indian government at last. Indian government has announced taking of many steps that can ensure basic level cyber security in India.

However, highly sophisticated and particularly targeted cyber attacks against India cannot be defended for another five years if the present speed and initiatives are maintained. Further, if the declared cyber security initiatives are not immediately acted upon, cyber security in India cannot be established for another decade or more.

Naturally, cyber security firms, companies and consultants in India must be proactive in their approach. Indian government must also assist them so that they can provide the best cyber security services in India.

The main problem with Indian cyber security initiatives is that they are based on the approach of maximum procurement with minimum application. Mere procurement of hardware and software can never make India a cyber secure nation. We need a skilled cyber security workforce in India as well to successfully use hardware and software.

So we must stress upon techno legal skills development in India that includes skills development in the fields like cyber law, cyber security, cyber forensics, etc. Virtual cyber security campuses in India can greatly help in achieving this task. Further, online cyber security courses in India can also help a lot in this regard.

Another significant aspect is that cyber security firms and companies of India must be techno legal in nature. This means that these cyber security firms and companies of India must not only be capable of managing the technical aspects but also legal aspects as well.

These days we can witness a growth in the numbers of cyber security law firms in India and abroad. Further e-discovery services in India are also increasing although only authorised professionals like Indian advocates can practice the same in India.

In short, cyber security firms and companies must have multiple qualifications and diverse expertise to manage the contemporary cyberspace challenges. A single discipline approach is not going to be beneficial in the long run.

Source: Corporate Laws In India

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